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1 on 1 Birth Education

Birth Education Options

No one has ever said they wished they had less information when it comes to understanding their body, their child, and their birth. We offer a unique experience for mothers and their partners to learn one on one with a birth doula/nurse about any and all things childbirth. These sessions have an educational structure, but are able to be adjusted to your specific needs and desires.  Our goal is to educate you on everything you want to know about childbirth and everything you didn't even know you needed to know! No awkward group introductions or standardized hospital education curriculum. This is tailored to you, your pregnancy, your partner, and your baby.


Stages of Labor Education Course

understanding your body in labor

approximately 2 hours 

Well what even is labor? And how does it work? In this course we go over the body's ability to give birth. We help you understand what is happening to your body so that you can feel more confident during your labor. We go over the hormones of birth, anatomy and physiology of birth, intervention options, birth plans, and labor tips and tricks. 

$75 an hour

Movement and Coping in Labor

birth positions and pain management options

Approximately 2 hours

Movement of the body is the key to movement and progression in labor. In this course we will go over positions, stretches, and movements to utilize during labor. We also go through other pain management options both pharmacologic and non pharmacologic pain management options to help cope through labor.

$75 an hour

Breastfeeding Preparedness

With Brenna IBCLC

Approximately 2 hours

Set yourself up for successful breastfeeding through prenatal breastfeeding education.  Understanding the basics of breastfeeding is so helpful in those first weeks as breastfeeding is new to both you and your baby, Brenna can alsi help you prepare for pumping if you desire to pump at any point in your breastfeeding journey.


If you purchase a doula education course and then decide to hire us as a doula the payment for the education course will go towards your payment for a birth doula.
The education from these courses are included in our birth doula services.

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