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Are you a medical professional?

While Ashytn, Kyla, and Makenna are Registered Nurses and doulas we are not working as medical professionals. We are your personal support person, educator, and advocate. We do not give medical advice, we only present evidence-based facts and facilitate discussion so that you can advocate and make medical decisions for yourself. In the roll of a doula we do not and are not qualified to perform any medical procedures including but not limited to cervical checks, blood pressure checks, fetal heart rate monitoring, delivering/catching the baby, etc. We do not replace a Health Care Provider such as a Midwife or OB. We do not under any circumstances attend “free (unassisted)” births. We adhere carefully to the parameters of our scope for the safety and security of ourselves, you, your partner, and your baby(ies).

How far do you travel?

As of now we travel within a 50 mile radius of Sioux County Iowa. Under certain circumstances we are willing to drive or travel father please inquire if this interests you.

How will hiring you affect my partner’s role during the birth?

As your doula it is our goal to help both you and your partner feel more educated and comfortable in labor. We are present to help facilitate a better relationship between the two of you. Many partners have no idea how to support you during labor. We are there to teach them so that they can feel informed, helpful, and more connected to you throughout labor.

How are you different than a regular labor nurse?

In labor you will have a nurse assigned to you to be your labor nurse. We love labor nurses we ever are labor nurses. As a nurse there are many more requirments that facilites and providers need from nurses. Things like documentation take them away from being able to provide continuous labor support. As your doula we don't have any other obligations other than to care and support you in labor.

So who is my doula if I want to hire you?

Either Kyla, Ashtyn, or Makenna would be your primary doula with the other as back up. If you inquire about birth doula services we would ask if you have a preference on doula. If you do not we will look at our schedules and your due date and determine a primary birth doula for you.

Can you bill through insurance?

At this time Insurance companies do not cover birth doula services. Health savings accounts or flex savings accounts do cover the cost of a doula. We offer payment plans if needed and a birth doula is a great idea to put on your baby registry.

What happens if you are at work or at another birth?

Our goal is to have your primary doula present at your birth if at all possible. If your primary doula is not available the backup doula will come to your birth. Working at the hospital we always work opposite shifts so will never both be working at the same time. We also have amazing co workers that have helped us out in a pinch to cover shifts so that we can be present at your birth.

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