Birth Stories

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Josiah James "JJ"
September 16, 2022

Happy Birthday Josiah James! 

Emily and Derek recently moved to the area from Denver, and when they found out they were  pregnant they reached out to NWIBN for doula, lactation, and placenta services! 

Throughout the pregnancy Emily and Derek and I often stayed in contact about different  prenatal questions they maybe had or thoughts about labor and delivery. In the third trimester,  Emily made sure that she was doing all the things she could do to prepare her body to be  receptive to the labor hormones. She was eating dates, curb walking (so much “her calves  were sore”) and seeing a Webster certified chiropractor regularly. We stayed in touch often  during the last couple weeks of pregnancy.  

When Emily was 39 weeks and 5 days pregnant, she began to have a small amount of  spotting. The spotting continued through out the day, but she had a doctors appointment  Friday morning. Friday morning she called to the hospital to inform them of the spotting and  the nurse thought she could maybe be in early labor.  

At her appointment at 10:45 her doctor did a cervical check and Emily was 2cm dilated and  70% thinned out. The doctor also was slightly concerned about the amount of spotting that  Emily was having. She offered Emily the option of induction that afternoon, or coming back to  the hospital everyday that weekend for a non stress test and maybe ultrasound. Emily and  Derek live an hour away from the hospital, so after discussion with the doctor, the decision was  made for an induction that afternoon. 

Emily was a tad disappointed with needing an induction, but understood that it was maybe the  safest option for her and her baby.  

They arrived to labor and delivery around 1:00pm. We continued to talk back and forth  throughout the early induction process. At 2:30 pm Pitocin was started to initiate contractions,  and soon after contractions started becoming more intense. I decided to head up to the  hospital around 4:30pm when Emily began have regular and strong contractions.  

When I got to the hospital at 5:30pm, she was on the birth ball and having to stop and breathe  through contractions with Derek apply counter pressure. Emily had wanted to utilize the tub  during labor, but since she was on continuous monitoring, it was not possible. At 5:50 the  nurse offered a cervical check and Emily was 3cm dilated and 80% thinned out.  

After this cervical check, Derek and I helped Emily into a flying cowgirl position to encourage  baby to come down into the pelvis. She did this for approximately 20 minutes on each side.  Soon Emily felt as though she needed to get up and move to cope with contractions as they  

visibly had gotten more intense after flying cowgirl. She went to the bathroom and tried to  empty her bladder as well as labor for a few contractions on the toilet. At this point Emily  decided she was ready for an epidural as her contractions on the Pitocin seemed to be coming  one after the other with little breaks. 

While waiting for the anesthesiologist to come, we did a modified forward leaning inversion  with counter pressure comfort. During this, contractions became so uncomfortable that Emily  vomited. Throughout the intense ness of the contractions Emily stayed in complete control of  her breathing and utilizing low moans visualization of breathing her baby down. It was obvious  she had been practicing her breathing skills! 

Soon the anesthesiologist came and placed Emily’s epidural without difficulty and Derek was  able to stay right by her for reassurance during placement. Her epidural medication was started at 7:33 pm. Emily had great relief from her epidural and said over and over “I don’t know why  anyone would do this without an epidural!”  

After the epidural medication was infusing and Emily was comfortable, the nurse offered  another cervical check. At 8:03pm she was 6 cm dilated and 90% thinned out and baby had  moved down. The nurse was WONDERFUL and worked with us a team to help Emily to move  in to different positions with her epidural. During the next hour Derek, the nurse, and I laughed  more then I ever have during a labor! If you know Emily at all, you will understand her sense of  humor and lack of filter that was making us all crack up!

Emily soon began to feel pressure and felt her body pushing involuntarily. The nurse checked  her at 9:15 p.m. and she was 9.5cm with a rim on the left side. The nurse called the doctor and  Derek and I helped Emily move to a position to help the rim disappear.  

The doctor on call arrived at bedside at 9:23 p.m. and checked Emily and she was 10cm  dilated! Her water had not broken yet, so at the time Emily consented to her water being broke.  This was done at 9:26 p.m. and the baby came down to almost crowning! Right after her water  broke was a little bit hectic as the nurse and doctor were having a hard time finding baby’s  heart tones due to baby’s rapid descent. But soon, she started actively pushing at 9:32 pm and  7 minutes later he was born! 

Josiah James 

 born September 16th, 2022 9:39 p.m. 

7lbs  18.5inches long 

& a head full of jet black hair 

Emily worked so hard to prepare her body for labor and delivery, and it definitely paid off with  her short induction! It was so much fun getting to know Derek and Emily and the sweet couple  that they are! Josiahs birth was a true celebration and a JOY to be a part of! He will be so  extremely loved! Thank you Derek and Emily for inviting me in to your birth space and allowing  me to be part of such a joyous birth! Being a doula is the BEST job!

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Iris Pearl
September 9, 2022

Iris Pearl’s birth was a simply beautiful home birth.
Kaylee’s decision to home birth came after two previous induced hospital births. Kaylee desired a more individualized mother focused care for her third child and chose home birth as the best option for her and her baby. Iris’s birth story began Friday morning when Kaylee was 41weeks and 1 day pregnant. Kaylee had joked that this baby was a good listener because Kaylee had wanted to not go into labor until 41 weeks. She asked the baby to listen one more time and to come this past weekend.
Well I guess Iris is a good listener, we will see how long that lasts,  because Friday morning it all began. Kaylee went to her midwife appointment that morning and decided to decline any intervention to start labor yet. She had an NST which ended up showing that Kaylee was already contracting a lot but barely feeling anything. Kaylee then came to my house and we worked on stretches and positions to help prepare for labor and hopefully coax this baby into a good position for labor to really start. That afternoon Kaylee decided to try come caster oil and see if the mix of early contractions, good stretches, and caster oil would do the trick.
We aren’t sure what was the final straw that made it happen (probably just that her body was ready to go into labor) but it happened, Friday afternoon labor had started. Initially Kaylee was having some cramping and feeling off, like something was changing, so she took it it easy and rested to start out. A couple hours later Kaylee wasn’t able to rest anymore and decided to try the shower because her back was achy. At this point contractions were coming every 8-9 minutes. In the shower is where is all changed. Contractions picked up significantly in the shower becoming much closer together and more intense. Coming out of the shower Kaylee had a bunch in contractions right on top of eachother that made her water break! This is when I the midwife and I got that call that is was time to get moving to her house. I got to her house just before 6 pm and Kaylee was on hands and knees breathing calmly through contractions that were coming every 2-3 minutes. I did some rebozo sifting and counter pressure for Kaylee through a few contractions but she was already feeling ready to get in the tub. The tub was filled and Kaylee got in on hands and knees and continued to breathing through contractions that were clearly intensifying and moving her baby down. Even in the tub it’s good to keep moving and changing position even slightly to help the baby navigate the pelvis so Kaylee would put one leg up in a runners start/side lunge through a couple contractions and then change back or hands and knees or the other side. Kaylees got tired of being on her hands and knees after about  30 minutes in the tub and tried laying back through a couple contractions. Just a contraction later Kaylee had to move back to hands and knees as the pressure was intense. The urge to push was strong and her midwife encouraged her to try pushing. A couple pushes and Kaylee’s baby was moving down quickly. Kaylees reached down and was able to feel her baby’s head molding and moving down the birth canal. With only a few more pushes Kaylee reached down and caught her baby girl  and laid her on her chest and yelled “It’s a GIRL!”
Iris Pearl came fast and  furiously at 7pm on Friday September 9th in the warmth and peace of her home.
Home births really do give all the feels of an intimate natural experience that is oriented to the woman and the family.  Kaylee, even thought I wasn’t there long thank you for letting be a part of your birth story. It is beautiful to witness such a miracle.



Deacon Connor
August 21, 2022

Deacon’s birth was a beautiful and intense whirlwind. Jacki started to have some mild contractions on Saturday evening. She decided to stay home through early labor so that she could rest. I suggested some stretches for her to try and also encouraged her to sleep while contractions were mild. Throughout the night contractions increased and by 2am were coming every 2-3 minutes and Jacki was having to stop to breathe through them. She decided that she felt best getting ready to head to the hospital at this point. I met Jacki and Connor at the hospital at 3am. Jacki was so focused and in control through her contractions I was able to step back and let her listen to her body and move with her contractions. Jacki's doctor stopped by and offered a cervical exam but she declined as she knew she was in labor and didn’t feel the need to be checked. Jacki gravitated to movement through contractions. She walked the room between contractions and swayed and squatted through them. Jacki then tried to rest through a couple contractions on her sides. She did so well staying relaxed and focused so that she could rest between her increasingly intense contractions. After a short rest laying down Jacki felt the need to stand and move through her contractions again . Connor and I helped her through contractions by supporting her deep squats and offering counter pressure to her hips. Jacki and I would speak words of affirmations over her, her baby, and her birth throughout her increasingly intense contractions. At 8:15am Jacki was ready to be checked to see how her labor was progressing, our wonderful labor nurse Brenna checked and Jackie was 7-8cm dilated. It was clear that Jacki was getting tired and worn out from laboring all night but she really desired to avoid pain medication so I suggested a shower. Jacki said that she didn’t enjoy the tub in her last birth because she couldn’t move and it was clear in this labor that movement was helping her cope through contractions. In the shower Jacki would be able to sway and squat through contractions which I thought would work better for her. Jacki continued to work through her contractions in the shower using different positions like hands and knees, squatting, standing, swaying, and leaning over. In the shower we could see Jacki's sacrum move as the baby had come down. This is called the rhombus of michaelis. It is the sacrum moving out of the way for the baby to descend into the pelvis. It was so cool to see and a great sign that Jacki was getting close to the end. Jacki stayed in the shower for about an hour until she started to feel pushy. We helped her out of the shower and started to move to the bed when another contraction came and Jacki went down to all fours to breathe through her contraction. Between the next contraction she was able to move next to the bed and lean over the edge of the bed. Jacki was having a strong urge to push so her doctor checked her cervix to see if she was completely dilated. Jacki still had an anterior lip of cervix that was starting to have some swelling. Her doctor told her not to push till her cervix was completely dilated. Jacki worked so hard to stay focused through the incense urge to push. Her baby was getting so low and the overwhelming need to push with a low baby and no epidural is nearly impossible to fight. Her doctor checked again but Jacki still had an anterior lip of cervix that he thought was continuing to swell. He was becoming worried of a cervical tear if she were to push and deliver before it resolved. We all discussed some options of what to do and Jacki consented to having her water broke. We hoped that the pressure of the baby’s head on the cervix would help it fully dilate. Jacki's urge to push was even stronger now but she continued to focus on her breathing but it was much more difficult and she started to have some involuntary pushing. Her doctor checked another time to see if breaking her water had helped but once again the cervical lip was still there. Her doctor suggested they call anesthesia to do a fast spinal so that she wouldn’t feel the pressure and wouldn’t involuntarily push. Doing this wasn’t ideal but Jacki was open to it if it would prevent her from having a cervical tear. While we waited for anesthesia Jacki continued to try and focus on her breathing and not push even though her body was pushing all on its own. She told us that the baby was right there and he was coming. Connor and I reassured her that there was a lot of pressure and she was doing great breathing through it. After a couple more contractions she was telling us again that he was coming and was right there so I looked sure enough she was crowing! There was no stopping or delaying this delivery now so her doctor came behind her and told her to give a push and Deacon Connor was born on hands and knees on the hospital floor. Jacki then moved onto the bed so that her doctor could deliver the placenta and assess for bleeding or a cervical tear since Jackie never got to completely dilated. There was no cervical tear & minimal bleeding!


Deacon Connor was a perfect gift from God. 

Born August 21 at 9:40am weighing 9lbs 1oz. and 22inches long. 


Deacon's birth was one of focus, intensity, and the Lord's faithfulness. It was so special to be welcomed into this birth space and witness Jacki’s strength. Thank you Jacki and Connor for letting me be a part of Deacon's birth and get to know each of you and your family.


Davis Benjamin
August 4, 2022

Davis’s birth story starts back in April when Ben and McKayla were pregnant with their third baby. For McKayla’s previous 2 births she had gone to 41 weeks and was induced, she also had had epidurals with both. For her third baby Ben and McKayla decided they wanted to try for a different birth experience. The first thing that they did is take our BBBB class in April and decided to start learning about physiological birth and different coping mechanisms. After taking the class, they decided they wanted to hire Ashtyn as a doula! Throughout pregnancy McKayla was so receptive to any words of advice Ashtyn might have. She was also amazing at asking questions at doing her research!


Around 34ish weeks McKayla began choking down dates and had seen a Webster certified chiropractor. She also was doing forward leaning inversions and side lying release multiple times a week. Mckayla regularly went for walks and was staying active with 2 other little boys at home! She read all the books suggested and practiced her controlled breathing every day!


As 40 weeks started approaching, I went to McKayla’s house and lent her my peanut ball and showed her some different positions to do with it. As well as demonstrated different positions on the exercise ball. McKayla was faithful in making sure that the regular stretches and being on the birth ball as much as she possibly could. She had made it clear to her doctor that she wanted to go to at least 41 weeks before planning for induction. She had gone over her birth preferences with him throughly and he was in agreement. McKayla had mentally prepared to go to 41 weeks, since she had with her last, and also understood that your “due date” is more of a “guess date”.  So when her due date came (August 1) and there was no major signs of labor starting, McKayla stayed patient with wanting her goal to be an unmedicated physiological labor to happen.


At 40 weeks 3 days McKayla was going to have another doctors appt. We talked back and forth prior to the days leading and McKayla decided that she wanted to try and have her membranes swept to see if that would help encourage labor. The 5 days prior to the appt, McKayla’s cervix and been closed and high up, but on Wednesday she was 4cm dilated and 50% thinned out! Her doctor was able to really strip her membranes well, and we all said a prayer that if this was God’s will, that her labor would start on its own to avoid induction.


After McKayla’s appt, I encouraged her to go for a walk, pump, spend some adult time together. Around 9pm, Wednesday night McKayla said that she was having some pressure and some cramping, but nothing too crazy. I suggested that she sleep and rest if she could and see what the night brought!


The morning of the 4th, McKayla had woken up around 4 am when had to unload Ben calves that were coming in. She was able to sleep again for a bit, but then at 6:00 am the contractions started up hard! She texted me at 6:10 and was going to start timing them. We continued to stay in touch throughout the hour, and around 7 am McKayla said she was having to stop and sway and breathe through the contractions. I got my stuff ready and started getting ready to head over. At 7:20 Ben texted me that McKayla have vomited and contractions were intense. I arrived at 7:35 and McKayla was still going around the house getting stuff packed. But when a contraction started it took both Ben and I helping McKayla cope through the contraction. We did some positioning such as flying cowgirl with the peanut ball through a few contractions, but ultimately McKayla gravitated towards hands and knees types of positions. We did a few contractions over the birth ball with counter pressure from behind. Soon we decided to try some standing and swaying with some deep lunges. Based of the way labor was progressing and the way contractions were becoming more intense, we did some asymmetrical movements to help encourage baby further in to the pelvis. During the contractions that we did swaying, McKayla slipped in to what we call as “labor land”. Before she was able to talk to us in between contractions and just concentrate through contractions, but now McKayla was in her own world and just closed her eyes and swayed between the contraction surges. She could communicate but all her mental space was going to coping with labor.


McKayla began to feel lots of pressure with contractions and at 9:00 am, we decided to head to the hospital. I jumped in the car with Ben and McKayla so I could provide counter pressure as McKayla rode on hands and knees in the middle. She stayed in complete control throughout every intense contraction! She worked on focusing on breathing all the way to the peak of the contraction and breathed the baby down as it came back down. After the contraction was over, she kept her eyes closed and allowed her body to completely relax and make room for baby. We called ahead to the hospital to make sure they had a room ready for us.


We arrived at the hospital at 9:15 am. The receptionist took us back to the room and was getting ready to ask McKayla all the check in questions when a contraction hit. Mckayla dropped to the floor on hands and knees and hung on to the side of the bed while Ben did counter pressure and I coached Mckayla through it. The receptionist said “ I think we can worry about these questions later..” and sent the nurse in immediately. After that contraction was over, I encouraged Mckayla to try use the bathroom as sometimes a full bladder can get in the way of babies descent. Straddling the toilet backwards can be sometimes called the “dilation station.” McKayla did about 3 contractions on the toilet with Ben doing counter pressure and I got the lights and music set up. With the last of those 3 contractions McKayla stated “ I have to push!!”. We let the contraction come back down, and Ben and I walked McKayla back to the bed where so leaned over the peanut ball on hands and knees.


The doctor came in and checked McKayla at 9:24 and she was 10cm dilated and ready to push! She did awesome breathing out for pushing and bearing down towards the pressure. We played soft Christian music in the background and McKayla closed her eyes and completely “melted” in to the bed after each contraction passed. Allowing your body to relax helps make room the baby to encourage stretching and decreases your risks of tearing. She did this in hands and knees as this was most comfortable to her!  Baby was moving down, but was taking awhile. With support of the doctor and nursing staff, we switched positions to using a squat bar and McKayla pushing while using gravity and hanging over the bar. Soon baby really began to move! Her water at not broke yet, but with a contraction at 10:16 it “popped”! Her legs began to get tired from squatting so for the last few contractions she turned back around to hands and knees. The last few pushes were intense, but McKayla fought through and stayed calm and in control of her breathing and allowed her body to do what it was made to do!


At 10:32 am, (after only 4.5 hours of labor) Davis Benjamin was born with McKayla on hands and knees, with “ The Blessing” by Kari Jobe  playing in the background! It was a beautiful moment and I will forever believe birth is such a miracle!


After he was born he was suctioned by the doctor and then McKayla swung her leg over the chord and Davis was placed on her stomach. He had a short chord so was only able to go up to her stomach, which also explains why pushing needed more force behind it as well! He was also almost 2 pounds bigger then her last 2 babies at 8lbs 14oz, but since she was so controlled and patient that she had no tearing!


Throughout McKayla’s pregnancy journey, she worked to hard to prepare her body to be receptive to the labor hormones when they started! She was so patient in waiting for labor to begin and made her wants clear to the doctor. It was such a blessing to get to know McKayla and pray for her and her baby throughout! She was so powerful and fought through every contraction to get to the birth she had dreamed of. Doing the prep work before birth, can really encourage your labor to go smoothly!


Ben and McKayla, THANK YOU for having me along this pregnancy and birth journey with you! It was truly a beautiful time getting to know you and know your family and then getting to support you through birth of Davis. Getting to be your doula was amazing, but you also becoming a friend throughout the process! I’m so proud of you and how determined you were to fight for what you wanted! You always did your “homework” and it definitely showed! Being a doula is such a blessing.


Joshua Lawrence
August 19, 2022

Being a part of Joshua's birth was extra special for me because he's my cousin (once removed) 

Joshua's dad is my first cousin and this summer at a family party I got to talking to Alex and Rachel about all things birth and doula as they were expecting their first child. For family I'll make special trips and I made a special trip to Minneapolis for Joshua’s birth. 


I took 2 weeks off of work while Rachel was 39-41weeks in hopes to make her labor. On Thursday Rachel was 41weeks and 1 day and it was my last day off before having to work the weekend and Rachel’s water broke! Rachel texted me Thursday morning with the update and I packed up and hit the road for my drive to Minneapolis. While I was on my drive up Rachel had a scheduled appointment with her midwife. Even though her water was broke they were going to let her go home and wait for contractions to start and Rachel was only feeling mildly crampy at this point. Later they found out that other local hospitals were on divert or closed and that her hospital's OB floor was filling up and if they were full Rachel would have to go to another random hospital to deliver. She really wanted to deliver at her hospital with her midwife so she decided to go into triage right away to make sure she had a bed. I got there right as Rachel and Alex were checking into triage. In triage Rachel was starting to have some regular mild contractions that she was able to talk through still. The nurse in triage checked Rachels cervix and she was 3cm dilated. The nurse was able to tell that her water had definitely broken because of the presence of meconium in the fluid. Rachel was hoping for a low intervention water birth but sadly that was no longer an option at this hospital when there is meconium. This was disappointing but we made the best of it and rolled with the punches. Meconium is common in the fluid when babies are “overdue” because their bowels are mature, but it can also be linked to a sign of fetal distress so a water birth was not allowed and she was going to have to be continuously monitored. We hung out in triage for a couple hours while we waited for a bed to be ready. At 2:30pm we were moved over to a labor room. Rachel was still pretty comfortable at this point with some mild contractions so we settled in, got some chipotle for lunch, and hung out. The midwife stopped by in the early evening to see how things were going. Overall Rachel was still fairly comfortable through her contractions but definitely feeling them more than before. Her midwife was great about being hands off and letting her body take some time to kick in on its own. Rachel did some stretches and tried to take a nap for a while before things got more intense. She wasn't able to sleep but the rest was good. After some rest we went out and walked the halls where we got to know some of the night nurses and even ran into someone that went to nursing school with Rachel. We asked to see the other rooms like the water birth room just to see. One of the nurses gave us a little tour and showed us one of their remodeled rooms with a large walk in shower. The room we were currently in was old and had a shower the size of what felt like 2 feet. Earlier in the day when the unit was full this was the only room available but now they had some new rooms open and they let us move into a new one with a large walk in shower. It always helps to make friends with the nurses! Rachel was having regular contractions but still looked overall pretty calm and comfortable by the time her midwife came by to check on her around 9:30pm. To my pleasant surprise Rachel had progressed to 5cm and was 90% effaced. The midwife thought it was good to just see what Rachels body continued to do on its own through the night. We took a couple walks and tried to rest. Rachel continued to have regular contractions but breathed through them calmly and rested in between. Her midwife came back at 1:30am and Rachel was now 6cm dilated. The plan again was to stay the course to avoid an augmentation if possible. Rachel tried to rest again laying on her side in bed but it was becoming more difficult. I suggested trying to rest in a child's pose with a rebozo sifting. After that it was time for another walk and some standing positions. As contractions became stronger Rachel gravitated to standing positions leaning over the bed. Alex and I were able to take turns rubbing her back and offering counter pressure. 5:00am rolled around and Rachel midwife checked her and she was dilated to 8cm. I could barely believe how well Rachel was coping through contractions all night, dilated to an 8, with her water broken! We continued standing through some contractions then decided to try something different and try a shower. We brought the birth ball in the shower and Rachel went on hands and knees leaning over the ball while Alex or I sprayed warm water on her back. In the shower Rachel became more focused on contractions and was working harder to breathe through them. Rachel claimed that she was never going to leave the shower and she stayed there for the next 3 hours. Rachel started to feel more pressure and an urge to push and decided to get out of the bathroom so that she could push for delivery. At first Rachel breathed through some contractions standing next to the bed and after a few contractions she started to inadvertently push and that's how we knew it was baby time. Rachel tried a few practice pushes standing and then going into a deep squat, then moved to a supported sitting squat in the bed with the squat bar. Next she tried pushing on hands and knees and this was Rachel's favorite. Pushing was intense and a lot of work but in a little under 2 hours of pushing Joshua Lawrence was born on Friday August 19 at 12:31pm weighing 8lbs 7oz.

Being a part of a new life being born is so honoring and this one was extra special to also watch my cousins become mom and dad. It is so special to be your cousin Joshua and I can't wait to tell you all the time that I was there when you were born! 


Zackary Daniel
July 4, 2022

Baby Zack gets to have a celebration every year on his birthday because he shares a birthday with America!


Lydia texted me on Sunday morning around 9 a.m., July 3rd, that she was having trickling of amniotic fluid. She said that it was clear and was having mild contractions. Lydia had battled pretty severe fatigue through out pregnancy and she wanted to try nap while she was able. We kept in touch throughout the day on Sunday and I advised a few things to try encourage contractions to pick up. Things such a pumping, curb walking, and going for walks. Walking seemed to help her the best and help increase contractions. After another afternoon nap and supper, Phillip and Lydia decided it was time to go to the hospital. We all arrived at the hospital around 8:30 p.m. Everyone got settled in and we did some hall walking before getting in the tub.At almost 9:30pm the doctor came in and discussed the idea of adding in Pitocin to encourage labor since Lydia’s water had been broken for over 12 hours. Phillip and Lydia discussed this and decided they wanted to wait and see if labor would pick up on its own. The night consisted of sleeping off and on, changing positions for comfort, and some in and out of the tub. Lydia’s contractions would pick up and get more intense for awhile, and then disappear almost completely. So we did what we could between balancing resting and encouraging contractions to continue.

At 7:30 the next morning the doctor came to check on Phillip and Lydia and see how the night went. The doctor did a cervical exam and Lydia was 3 cm dilated at 70% effaced. At this point Lydia and Phillip decided to start the Pitocin. After the Pitocin was started, contractions became much more intense. We utilized the bath again and Phillip climbed in behind her to help her relax. The water was able to take the “edge” off her contractions for awhile and she was able to rest.


Soon contractions became overwhelmingly intense and Lydia and Phillip started discussing an epidural. She asked for the pitocin to be turned off as it was becoming unbearable for her. After the pitocin was off, Lydia continued to have contractions around every 5 minutes, but were still very intense. Before the epidural, the doctor and nurses strongly encouraged a cervical check. At 12:46 Lydia was 4cm dilated per the nurse. Before this, Lydia was told she had to wait a few hours for the epidural due to the anesthesiologist being on a different case in a different town. While waiting, she worked so hard and stayed in control of her breathing. She leaned into Phillip with each contraction, while I provided counter pressure. She held on to him and swayed, and completely allowed her body to relax in between the contraction waves. I was so proud the way she handled each contraction and stayed in control of her breathing!


At 1:15 pm Lydia received her epidural, and with each contraction she felt more and more relief. When Lydia was comfortable with the epidural, it was decided to start Pitocin again as her contraction pattern had completely spaced out with the epidural medication. Pitocin this time was MUCH more tolerable for her. With an epidural, you still want to continue to move positions at minimum of every 30 minutes and utilize the peanut ball and pillows. We did some flying cowgirl to try aid Baby Zack to come further down in the to pelvis. This is a great position for people with an epidural, and also allows rest. During the afternoon, all of us were able to rest and take short naps. Phillip and Lydia were also able to FaceTime with their daughter Bethany, and I took a short walk outside to talk to my husband and kiddos. After talking with our families and taking short naps, everyone was feeling much more refreshed and had a second wind of energy!


At 5:03 pm, the doctor and nurses came in and said that they were noticing some “head compression” on Lydia’s monitoring strip, and asked if they could check her cervix. When the nurse went to check Lydia, Baby Zack’s head was very close to coming all the way out! Lydia had a very dense epidural and had felt minimal pressure. After everything was set up and nurses were ready, Lydia gave her last bit of energy to push her baby out.


5:30 pm, July 4th, 2022

Zackary Daniel

7lbs 2oz


It was the sweetest moment getting to be a part of Phillip and Lydia meeting sweet Zack for the first time! It was a moment filled with overwhelming love and emotions. Tears were shed by all! I am so proud of Lydia and Phillip on how they worked together as a team during Zack’s birth and Lydia’s pregnancy! Lydia fought through her extreme fatigue to use all her energy to birth her baby! Mother’s are SO strong when they are faced with challenging times, and Lydia went through and proved that! It was such a blessing to get to know Phillip, Lydia, and Bethany throughout pregnancy, and I am forever grateful they chose me to be their doula!

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Flora Mae
July 3, 2022

Flora’s birth had us all in for a ride but in the end every crazy turn was worth it for a beautiful blonde chunky girl.


McKenzie waited patiently for her body to go into labor on its own when Friday night at 41weeks 1 day her water broke! Part of McKenzie original birth plan was to labor at home as long as possible but after her water broke she noticed that her fluid was not clear and that most likely she her meconium stained fluid which meant that baby had pooped in utero. With this information McKenzie and Michael decided that they felt best going into the hospital that evening. We all showed up to the hospital just after midnight Saturday morning July 2. McKenzie was contracting very minimal and was still pretty comfortable. It was clear she wasn't in true labor yet. After getting settled we did some stretches and then decided to try and sleep before things got more intense. The next morning at 6:15am McKenzie had her cervix checked and she was 4 cm dilated. She still was contracting very infrequently and was comfortable through contractions. Around 10:30am in when labor really started to kick into gear. McKenzie got in the tub and within 15 minutes in  the tub her contractions started in a regular pattern about every 5 minutes and were growing in intensity. McKenzie utilized the tub and positions on the toilet to progress labor for the next 2 hours. At 12:20pm McKenzie opted for another cervical check and she was 6 cm dilated and more thinned out. She breathed through a couple contractions laying on her side in the bed then wanted to move back to the tub. Over the next few hours McKenzie utilized the tub, toilet, counter pressure, vocalization and birth ball to cope with her intensifying contractions. At 6:15pm McKenzie was 8 cm dilated. Her contractions were right on top of each other every 1-2 minutes making McKenzie work so hard to stay in control. Around 7:30pm McKenzie maybe thought she had there urge push and was checked again she was 8-9cm dilated. After a long day of laboring and thinking she was closer to the end McKenzie needed a break and hit a breaking point. This is a normal part of labor that so many people have as their body is trying to get to the finish line but then are physically and mentally drained. McKenzie decided she needed something to help her cope through contractions and requested for a shot of Stadol and shot of pain medication to hopefully take and edge off. After giving the Stadol a chance to work McKenzie felt it hadn’t touched her pain and she requested an epidural. At 9pm the epidural was in and McKenzie could relax. Quickly after the epidural was in it was like McKenzie had come back to us after being lost in the intensity of labor. We all took this time to rest. Every half hour I helped move McKenzie into a different position to try and help her labor to keep progressing. Throughout the rest of the night McKenzie was able to rest mostly, she also felt pressure occasionally through the night thinking she was complete but persistently she was 9cm. At 4:30 am on Sunday morning she was finally complete. McKenzie was still comfortable with her epidural so we decided to have her labor down in hopes to bring the baby lower without having to exert forceful pushing energy. We all got another nap in when her doctor came in at 8:30am and McKenzie started pushing. McKenzie tried pushing in a seated squat, side lying, tug of war and hands and knees. She gravitated to a deep seated squat as her favorite pushing position. After about 2 hours of pushing McKenzie was getting tired and she was having a painful spot on her hip that persisted through the epidural that made it more difficult to push. We wondered if baby was in a weird position putting extra pressure on her left hip. We decided to take a break and do some reset positions to try and loosen ligaments and give the baby a change to move into a better position that wasn't hung up on her hip. We did a forward leaning inversion, side lying release, exaggerated runners, and hip openers. After a 2 hours break McKenzie hip was feeling good and she got some energy back and was ready to go back at it with pushing. She used great power with her pushes with her renewed energy. Another hour of pushing passed and McKenzie contractions were becoming spaced out. Her doctor asked if they could start some low dose Pitocin to make the contractions closer together. McKenzie consented and the Pitocin was started at 4:10pm. McKenzie continued to push alternating between deep squats, runners start, and hands and knees positions. At 2:45 her doctor mentioned the possible need for c-section as she had been actively pushing for almost 5 hours and the last hour the baby was not making much decent. Sadly this wasn't the information we wanted to hear. McKenzie gave it a couple more good strong pushes but after those also didn't make much change she accepted that it was time to go an alternate route. Thankfully baby was tolerating labor wonderfully and was having no signs of distress so we were able to prepare for the c-section without rush and were able to ask lots of questions. Around 3:45pm Mackenzie was brought back for her c-section.


Sunday afternoon July 3 at 4:16pm Flora Mae was born.

Surprising us all with her stats of 9lbs 4oz and 22 inches long!


Flora had found her way into an OP position at some point during labor. This meant that her back was also to McKenzie back. This position is associated with longer labor and increased rate of c-section due to the more difficultly to pass though the pelvis. A mix of a not ideal position and a large baby made for a difficult slow progressing labor and long pushing stage. There is no denying though that Makenzie worked as hard as she could to delivery her baby vaginally and when that was no longer working she decided with her birth team that a c-section was the best option even though it wouldn't have been anyone first choice.


Labor is long and intense and so unknown. McKenzie worked so hard throughout pregnancy to prepare herself for labor and still things didn't go as planned. We can do all the right things and still there are simply things we can’t change. Labor is a time of surrender and vulnerability and Makenzie you were a resilient mom through it all. I am so proud of you and all the power you have.

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 5.47.21 PM.png

Marlow Lynn 
June 8, 2022

Hannah and Austin hired me in early pregnancy to help them plan and prepare for a low intervention natural water birth. Which is totally my jam and I was super excited to be working with them preparing for the birth of their first child? Plans for a water birth and most likely spontaneous labor got derailed when Hannah started having some high blood pressures around 30 weeks along in her pregnancy. Her Midwives consulted with maternal fetal medicine and watched Hannahs blood pressure's and any preeclampsia symptoms closely. At Hannahs 37 week prenatal appointment Hannahs blood pressure was even higher than it had been and she was sent to OB triage for an NST and some lab work. Hannah called me with the update and I was ready to drive over at any time. After a couple hours the decision was made to induce on Sunday night June 5th. Hannahs initial plans for her delivery were no longer the safest option for her or her baby.


On Sunday night Hannah and Austin went in for their induction. I sent Hannah a labor warm up and stretches to do that evening as I didn't plan to come to Sioux Falls that evening unless her labor really started. Hannah was 1cm dilated and the Midwife on call placed vaginal cervidil for cervical ripening. The cervidil was left in throughout the night and releases medication to soften the cervix over 12 hours. Monday morning the new midwife on call removed the cervidil and found that Hannahs cervix still had not changed from the cervidil and the midwife ordered oral cytotec. Hannah felt some mild cramping with the cytotec but no obvious contractions. Hannah and Austin watched movies, walked the halls, and did some stretches trying to patiently wait for active labor to begin. Hannah suggested that I say home still as there wasn't much labor to help her cope through at this point and I was on call for them with whatever they needed through text or calls. In the afternoon the nurse administered a second dose of oral cytotec as Hannah still was not having any contractions. I decided since it was already coming up on 24 hours since the start of this induction that I would drive up to see Hannah. I got there Monday evening right after the midwife stopped by to check Hannahs cervix again. Hannah was still 1cm dilated and now 70% effaced and the baby head was engaged in the pelvis. After discussing with the midwife they decided to do another night with the cervidil in place. When I got there Monday night Hannah was pretty much bored. Being cooped up in the hospital is pretty boring. I set up my doula things and tried a couple positions and stretches with Hannah to stretch out her lower uterine and pelvic liniments and open the pelvic inlet to help the baby engage into the pelvis. I got a hotel for the night and Hannah tried to get a good nights rest while she still could. The next morning the new midwife on call removed the cervidil. The cervidl can really irritate the cervix and and vaginal tissue and because of this Hannah declined a cervical exam. Hannah still was not having any regular contractions so the midwife ordered a 3rd dose of oral cytotec. I came that morning and continued with more stretches and positions. At 2pm the midwife came back to reassess how Hannah was doing, and from how Hannah was feeling there wasn't much change. The Midwife checked her cervix and Hannah was now 2cm dilated! Almost 48 hours and we had made it a centimeter. These early first time mom inductions sure do show you patience. The midwife suggested placing a cooks catheter into Hannah cervix to help her cervix dilate and thin. A cooks catheter is a flexible tube placed in the cervix and then a small balloon is blown up with sterile water on both the inside and outside of the cervix to compress the cervix and help with thinning and dilating. After the cooks was placed Hannah had a huge wave of nausea and pressure. The cooks definitely made some natural labor hormones release. Hannah had a lot of pressure from the cooks and started having some regular contractions. We decided to try out the tub to help with the pressure and the contractions. In the tub Hannah was having contractions about every 5 minutes and they were strong ones that needed Hannahs focus to breath though them. Hannah made my job so easy breathing through her contractions perfectly. Austin and I sat with her in the bathroom just being with her, encouraging, and reassuring her. After about 2 hours in the tub we took a walk in the halls and then laid down. After laying down for a little while Hannahs contractions became less intense and she was able to take a little nap. Once she woke up Hannahs contractions were still there but not as intense or as close together. We tried a couple different standing positions, circles on the birth ball, and pumping to see if we could naturally help the contractions pick up again. At 10pm that night the midwife came by and lightly tugged on the cooks catheter because it was still in place to see if it would fall out. It didn’t. Since Hannahs contractions were less frequent and intense the midwife suggested pitocin to augment her labor. The pitocin was started and we tried to rest again because we were knew/were hoping active labor would start at any time now that the pitocin was going. We were all able to rest but not really sleep for a couple hours until Hannah needed to get some more relief from her contractions. Hannah was up to 10 milliunits of pit (the max is 20 and it starts at 2) and she was working hard to breath through contractions. It was about 2:20am now Wednesday morning and the midwife came in to take out the cooks catheter. They are only able to stay in for 12 hours unless they fall out sooner. After taking out the cooks Hannah was 4cm. They left the pitocin on and Hannah decided to get back into the tub to help her cope with contractions. Hannahs contractions were clearly becoming stronger while in the tub. She used low deep breathing and moaning to cope through her contractions. At 4:45am Hannah asked to be checked to see if she was progressing. She wanted this information to decide if she was ready for an epidural or could hold out a little longer. Hannah was 6-7cm dilated and the decision was made with her midwife to break her water. Things went to a whole other level when Hannahs water broke. Her contractions became very strong and intense and Hannah worked so hard to stay in control. We tried many different positions to help her dilate and help the baby descend and get into the best position for delivery. Around 6:15 Hannah was getting tired and the contractions were becoming overwhelming. The nurse checked her cervix and found her to be 8cm dilated. Hannah was working so hard and was going on 60 hours of labor, her tank was running low. She asked for an epidural to help her make it to the end. The epidural can take around an hour to prep for before being placed so Hannah inhaled nitrous oxide (laughing gas) during contractions to lessen the intensity. While waiting for the anesthesiologist Hannah asked for the pitocin to be shut off as the contractions were so intense. The nurse turned off the pitocin and the contraction pain became way more bearable within minutes. This goes to show the intensity that pitocin adds to contractions.


At 7:20 the epidural was is and Hannah was a whole new person. The epidural made her completely numb from the waist down with absolutely no feeling. This was nice now but made changing positions and pushing a challenge later on. After the epidural around 7:50 the midwife stopped by and checked Hannah and found that she was 9.5cm dilated. We decided to take a nap while Hannah labored down. At 9:06am Hannah was officially completely dilated and we started pushing. With a couple practice pushes Hannah got the hang of pushing quickly. Our pushing positions were limited due to Hannah not having any feeling of her contractions or her legs. Hannah did great using tug of war for pushing because she could involve her upper body which she had good control over. An hour into pushing Hannah started not feeling well. Her pushing wasn’t as strong and her face was pale and she felt lightheaded and weak. We’re not sure exactly why she was feeling this way but our guesses were some lower blood pressures from the epidural, lack of sleep, and overall fatigue. After trying to reposition Hannah to help with her lightheadedness we decided to take a pushing break to try and refill some energy. The nurses gave Hannah some extra IV fluids, we got her a snack and repositioned her into a closed knee side-lying position to help open the pelvic outlet while we took a pushing break. Just after 11am the midwife came back and we decided to try pushing again. Hannah said she felt like she had a little bit more energy and could try to finish this labor and meet her baby girl. Within two pushing Marlow was crowning! The energy boost was exactly what Hannah needed. With a couple more pushes Marlow Lynn was earth side at 11:33am. Marlow was placed on Hannahs crying along with the rest of us. Marlow was long awaited and worked very hard for.


Marlow Lynn

Born June 8 (6/8)

Weighing 6lbs 8oz


40 minutes after delivery Hannahs placenta had not yet released from her uterine wall despite medications and fundal massage. Hannahs midwife called in the OBGYN on call to help with the situation. The OBGYN ended up needing to manually remove the placenta. Once seeing the placenta we knew something was wrong. Usually the placenta is smooth but Hannahs placenta was frayed. The OB then had to manually scrape the wall of her uterus to get any pieces of her placenta that had been broken off by the frayed pieces. This is a very painful process so for Hannah is was a good thing she ended up getting he epidural. Through this process Hannah continued to loose bloody ore blood then after a usual delivery. The her midwife, OB, and nurses gave Hannah a couple extra medications to help stop her bleeding. Once all was said and done with Hannahs placenta and bleeding she once again was feeling lightheaded, dizzy, and faint. Not a fun feeling and then wasn't able to hold her sweet baby because she could barely focus. After and hour or so her body to recover a little from the blood loss and she was able to hold Marlow and breastfeed her daughter. Thankfully Marlow latched in right away making at least one thing easy for Hannah.


Marlow’s birth story is one that goes to show the unexpected things happen in labor and sadly we only have control over so much. Hannah persevered through a 64 hour long induction and achieved her main end goal, a vaginal delivery with a safe and healthy baby girl. Though the labor was long and tough it was an honor to be a part of a beautiful birth story.

Screen Shot 2022-06-13 at 4.12_edited.jpg

Hayes Kenneth 
June 8, 2022

On 6/8/22 I became an auntie again!

Hayes’s birth story started when my sister Tabi took us all by surprise at family Christmas and announced that she was 16 weeks pregnant! That night she asked me to be her doula as well! I was THRILLED!

Tabi’s pregnancy was going extremely smoothly and she felt great! She saw a Webster certified chiropractor throughout pregnancy and kept active. As Tabi entered in to her third trimester, baby was found to be in a breech position. At this point I had Tabi doing all the spinning babies maneuvers that aid in helping a breech baby flip! We knew that we had some time yet for him to flip. As 36 weeks started approaching, and ultrasound confirmed that Hayes was still breech, but not engaged yet.  At 37 weeks 3 days Tabi opted for an external cephalic version performed by her local doctor. Prior to the version we did some education with Tabi and Demry and we talked through what to expect for this. On the day of her version, I made the trip to meet them at the hospital to be there for them for support. The physician tried his best, but after an hour, it was concluded that the version would not work. Tabi and Demry were obviously upset, but ultimately trusted God for Hayes birth plan.

At this point Tabi began seeing a Webster certified chiropractor nearly every day. She also spent multiple evenings upside down on an ironing board, trying to do everything she could!

After the last version,  Tabi had met with her primary doctor again and voiced that she would like to try an external cephalic version one more time before opting for a primary c-section.  She was referred to an OB/GYN in  a larger Des Moines hospital and at 38 weeks 3 days, an external cephalic version was attempted again. This doctor tried and tried, but was again unsuccessful.

Tabi decided to schedule a c-section as close to her due date as possible, to give Hayes as much time as possible to flip on his own. But at this point, Tabi started the grieving process of a vaginal delivery. Tabi had wanted to go completely unmedicated and birth as naturally as possible,so she definitely had to process the new birth story.

I am so proud of her and Demry as I watched them relinquish their control of Hayes’s birth, and completely surrender it to God. Through the next week, they began to become at peace with the decision of a c-section. We talked multiple times through out the week to discuss the emotions Tabi was feeling. We also came up a c-section preferences plan. Things such as making sure to do skin to skin as soon as possible, and creating a calm environment throughout the c section. We  talked through what to expect for the surgery and supplies to have at home for recovery as well, to try help them prepare.

The morning of her c-section, I met Tabi and Demry at Pella Regional Health at 7:30 a.m. I got to sit with them while she was waiting to go back to the OR to help answer any last minute questions as well as provide moral support. We had some laughs and cracked jokes to help cal, everyone’s nerves. If you know Tabi, it’s never boring when she’s around! Before she was wheeled back to the OR at 9:30 a.m., we held hands and prayed over Hayes’s birth story. We prayed for protection for Tabi and calm nerves for Demry. We prayed for the surgeons, the doctors, and the nurses. We prayed for a good healing process, but the main prayer was for happy healthy baby.

At 9:54 a.m. on June 8th, 2022, Hayes Kenneth was welcomed in to the world.

He was 6lbs 15.5oz of pure perfection.

He had strawberry blond hair and 18 inches long.

I was waiting in her postpartum room for her and Demry to return. Upon returning we had “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe and Cody Cranes playing softly in the background. Tabi was wheeled in followed by Demry and new baby Hayes. I was so excited to meet him!  Hayes had been able to nurse in recovery, but I was still able to help her get him to latch.

Hayes’s birth story, looked quite a bit different that Tabi and Demry had initially thought. I am so proud of how hard Tabi worked to do LITERALLY everything in her power to get Hayes in a non breech position. She was stubborn and never gave up in giving herself every chance to have a vaginal delivery. When it wasn’t possible, she allowed herself to feel the emotions and process a different type of birth. She will persevere through motherhood the way she preserved through this pregnancy. Her and Demry are going to be the BEST parents and will raise Hayes to be a fighter, just like his mama! I am so blessed to get to be a part of my nephews birth story!

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place, when I was woven together in the depths of the earth.  Your eyes saw my unformed body; all the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”

IMG_1760 (1)_edited.jpg

Rhett Jay
June 5, 2022

Alexa is one of my dear friends, so when she hired me to be her doula for her first baby, I was ecstatic!

I consider it such an honor to be a part of loved one’s birth stories!

Alexa called me on Friday night June 3rd at 10:15pm to tell me that her water had broke “and gushed like in the movies!” She wasn’t really having super strong contractions yet, and her GBS status was negative,  so after discussion Alex opted to stay home and try and get some sleep. I set an alarm every 2 hours to text Alexa and check in how things were going. At the 4:00 am alarm, Alexa and Derek were ready for me to head over to their house.

I got to Alexa and Derek’s house around 5:00 a.m. When I got there, Alexa was in their tub coping through contractions. She did great using a comb to apply pressure to her hand and held Derek’s hand with the other. She was utilizing low and slow noises during contractions to help relax the pelvic floor. We did multiple position changes as well as counter pressure for coping.

Contractions had visibly become more intense after a few hours, and Derek and Alexa decided it was time to go to the hospital.=

We arrived at the hospital at 8:00 a.m. on June 4th. At 8:25 the doctor came in and Alexa opted for a cervical exam. She was 5cm dilated and 100% effaced (thinned out). After this she decided to get in the tub again for comfort. Derek held Alexa’s hands in the front of the tub while I provided counter pressure from behind. At 1:15pm, Alexa opted for another cervical exam. She was 6cm and baby had moved lower in the pelvis. She continued to labor and breathe through every contraction. She allowed her body to relax in between to allow for baby to continue to descend. We used the peanut ball and multiple variations of hands and knees.

The doctor came back around 6:30 pm and she was 7cm. But baby had not come any further down into the birth canal. She was making progress, but very slowly. Alexa was also starting to get pretty tired as she had been laboring since the night before. We continued to try multiple different positioning such as squatting through contractions and having her lay her head back on Derek. The decision was also made that it was time to start Pitocin. Before Pitocin was started, we went for a short walk outside to regroup and said a prayer that God would give us all encouragement for this labor. But also that we be at peace with God’s plan for Rhett’s birth plan whatever it may be.

When we came back inside, Pitocin was started and Alexa got back in the tub. The contractions with Pitocin were INTENSE. She breathed through every contraction and held onto Derek while I continued with the counter pressure. In the tub I suggested multiple different positions to accommodate the head to descend. We did some deep lunging as well as being on all 4’s with some cat-cow movements.

AT 10:45pm the doctor came back again per Alexa’s request as she was exhausted and contractions were so much more painful on the Pitocin. She was 7cm and had not made much change in head position since earlier. Alexa decided she was ready for an epidural and rest.

The anesthesiologist placed the epidural and it was started at 11:30pm. We all decided to try get some sleep during this time. After 2 hours, the baby was not tolerating the epidural well by not having as much heart rate reactivity as consider “normal”. The nurse (Kyla) had tried to every intervention that she could to “correct” the heart rate. The doctor was called back to the bedside for the minimal variability and Alexa was 8cm. A fetal scalp electrode was placed to keep a closer eye on the heart rate. This is a tiny internal monitor and goes directly in to the baby’s fontanel. After this was placed, Pitocin was started again to try encourage baby the rest of the way.

At 3:00 a.m. the baby continued not to tolerate the epidural medication and was very “sleepy” even with the internal monitoring. Since baby had been stressed out for awhile despite all interventions and corrections that were done, a decision was made with Alexa, Derek, and her doctor to go to C-section.


At 3:40 a.m., Derek announced to Alexa, “It’s a BOY!”

Rhett Jay

Born Sunday June 5, weighing 8lbs 0oz, and 21inches long.

With a large head at 14 3/4inch that had gotten stuck asynclitic when her water broke.

Rhett was also found to have the chord wrapped around his neck which potentially caused some issues.

I am SO proud of Alexa and Derek in how hard they worked to bring precious Rhett in to the world. Alexa did not want a c section, but when her baby was in distress, she completely surrendered to the need for one. She is a true testament to the selflessness a mother and did whatever needed to keep her baby safe. It was a beautiful moment to witness her unconditional love for Rhett. It was such an honor to get to work with Alexa and Derek throughout pregnancy and birth. It will forever be a special bond that we will forever get to share! God is so good!


Evelyn Faye
May 9, 2022

Mother’s Day evening was spent supporting Morgan and James through Evelyn’s labor!

Morgan had texted me around 11:30 a.m. on Mother’s Day, 5-8-22 and telling me that she had been having irregular cramping since 3:00 a.m. today. She was able to go to church, but the cramping was still coming and going. After talking more, we guessed she was in early labor! I texted Morgan some things to try such as going for a walk and curb walking, and to keep me updated!

At 1:30 Morgan let me know that her cramping had turned more to contractions and were easier to time. I encouraged her to try to take a nap as it sounded like she would be in labor during the night. Rest is SO important in early labor if possible to save energy for the point where contractions are needing a lot of effort for coping. 3:15 came around and Morgan said that she had tried resting, but was needing to move and sway through the contractions. I offered to go to her house and help with a few coping techniques as well as positioning to help facilitate baby’s head in to the pelvis. I got to Morgan and James house at 4:00, at this point Morgan was able to talk through contractions, but had to stop talking and just focus on breathing when contractions were happening. We did flying cowgirl on both sides for multiple contractions. After we finished doing this, it was obvious that the intensity of Morgans contractions had increased. We discussed that since it was a drive to the hospital, it was probably time to go in.

I got to the hospital at almost 6 pm, before Morgan and James so that I could set up a calm room environment and to get a copy of Morgan’s birth preferences to the nurse. When I got to the hospital, I was excited to find out that Kyla got to be our nurse!

At 7:38 p.m.the doctor came in and Morgan opted for a cervical exam. She was 3-4cm and baby was very low! We decided to get in the tub for comfort. James climbed in behind Morgan while she was on hands and knees to provide counter pressure to her hips and sacrum. I ran water over her back as well as doing some neck massage through each contraction. She stayed so strong taking on one contraction at a time!

10:17p.m. the doctor came in again to see how Morgan was doing. Contractions had visibly become more intense, so she offered a cervical exam again. She was 5cm dilated but the cervix had almost completely thinned out and baby had moved even lower in to the birth canal. At this point Morgan was getting tired so we decided to do some side lying positions with the peanut ball in the bed so that she could rest in between contractions. James held her hands by head of her bed and I did counter pressure with each contractions. They were both able to sleep a bit in between contractions.

At 1:45 a.m. Morgan had another obvious change in intensity of contractions, and began feeling tons of pressure to push. The doctor was called and got back to her room around 2:00 a.m. Morgan had just a “rim” on the front part of her cervix. We moved to an exaggerated runners position to facilitate helping the cervix disappear.

An hour later Morgan was 10cm dilated and was ready to start pushing! The doctor had broken her bag of waters at 2:50 as the bag was starting to appear out of her body. She started pushing, and pushed in a multitude of different positions based off of what her body was telling her. She let her body completely relax and rest in between each contraction so that she could save her energy for pushing.

After 3 1/2 hours of pushing, we wondered if maybe baby was in an OP position and that was making the pushing phase prolonged. Morgan was so strong through each contraction and worked SO physically hard to get her baby out!

At 6:31 a.m. Evelyn Faye was born with a compound presentation, which means her hand directly by her face! That’s why Morgan had to push so hard to get her out! Morgan and done a great job breathing through multiple contractions and allowing her body to stretch all the tissue. She remained in insane control and focused on her breathing with each push that she ended up with minimal tearing! This is very rare when a baby is born with compound presentation!

Morgan and James were an awesome team in working to bring Evelyn in to this world! They are the sweetest couple and were so fun to get to know! I am forever in awe with every birth I do of how fierce and strong women are. Morgan was exhausted but she had set her mind that she was not going to have any pain meds, and she did it! She put her head down and fought to stay in control with every contraction and James stayed right be her side, supporting her all the way! Thank you for inviting me to be a part of Evelyns birth! I will forever be blessed to get to be a part of your birth space!


Briar Ray
May 3, 2022

Sweet Briar Ray kept us on our toes throughout Kaitlyn’s pregnancy and birth. 

I loved being able to work with Kaitlyn planning a peaceful home birth for her daughter. Around 36 weeks pregnant Kaitlyn started having some contractions, most were not painful and just braxton hicks but at one point some got pretty intense and she started showing some other signs of real labor. At 36 weeks Kaitlyn would have to transfer care to a hospital. Thankfully her painful contractions stopped after a couple hours and we prayed that little lady would stay put for a little while. And stay put she did! Kaitlyn continued the next 4 weeks with braxton hicks contractions but no signs of real labor. Briar was being quite the tease with so much practice labor.

On Monday, 3 days after her due date Kaitlyn was checked by the midwife and was 4cm dilated and her midwife felt like labor was definitely coming soon. I went to bed Monday night with my phone on loud ready for a call at anytime. Morning rolled around and I finally woke up to the call I had been waiting for at 9am. Kaitlyn called to let me know that she had started contracting around 3am and they were coming regularly and were growing in intensity now. I got ready and headed to Kaitlyn’s house and got there at 10am Tuesday morning. I could see the change in Kaitlyn’s face when I walked in. The face of being in labor. This was finally the real deal. Kaitlyn was on the birth ball when I got there. She was coping so well through contractions breathing through them while her mom was by her side rubbing her back through contractions. I got settled and sat and talked with Kaitlyn about how things were going. Her contractions were getting stronger but still a little irregular. I asked if we could start with some stretching to make sure everything was loosened out for delivery. I helped Kaitlyn with the side lying release, rebozo sifting, and the flying cowgirl position before going back to the birth ball. Kaitlyn sat on the birth ball and leaned forward through contractions. It was now 11:40 and I decided it was time we should update Kaitlyn’s midwife. I sent her midwife a text that Kaitlyn’s contractions were more intense but still irregular and positional, every 3-6 minutes depending on her position. After sending that text Kaitlyn had two big contractions that were much more intense than the ones before. I suggested Kaitlyn go on hands and knees over the birth ball while I provided sacral pressure. Those contractions were intense and Kaitlyn was feeling more lower pressure. I texted the midwife and told her it was time to come now because things just picked up.

It was 12pm at this point. Kaitlyn moved back to sitting on the birth ball and I noticed that through contractions she would lean forward and tense up bracing the coffee table. I suggested we use my birth sling so that she could relax more through contractions and not tense so much through them. The sling worked great for this. While she was breathing through contractions Dillion her husband and I got thing ready for delivery filling up the birth pool and we turned on the Christian hypnobirthing tracks of birth affirmations. About 15 minutes later Kaitlyn was ready to get in the tub. I helped her to the bathroom and suggested she try to use the bathroom first. I stepped out for a minute to give her some privacy but a minute later Kaitlyn called my name and I ran in to find her on hands and knees on the bathroom floor breathing through a contraction. It was go time and it was only going to be a matter of minutes before Briar would be here and the midwife wasn’t there yet. I helped Kaitlyn to the tub where she rested over the edge on hands and knees. She had her husband and mother by her head with me behind providing sacral pressure. Kaitlyn had another big contraction where she felt the urge to push and after she looked up and me and said “Kyla you might need to deliver this baby” I rolled up my sleeves and said okay here we go. Another contraction later and Kaitlyn was practically pushing. Thankfully Kaitlyn’s midwife came through the door. I was off the hook of delivering this baby. 2 contractions of pushing later Briar was born at 12:25pm. Briar was brought to Kaitlyn’s chest and snuggled right up to her mama. Briars birth was beautiful, peaceful, and fast! I almost got to catch my first baby! 


Briar Ray 

Born May 3 at 12:25pm 

8lbs 11oz 


Kaitlyn thank you for having me be a part of  your pregnancy and Briars birth. I love getting to be a part of undisturbed natural birth just they way it was intended to be. You were so patience and in turn with your body and it was beautiful to witness. 

Mason Andrew Gabriel
May 2, 2022


Masons birth story is a perfect example of how we can’t predict or even really plan birth. We can try and we can have desires and preferences but those can quickly go out the door sometimes. 

Ashton was doctoring in Sioux Falls for her pregnancy after previously loosing her son Gabriel in the second trimester and also after developing some placental bleeding in the 3rd trimester of Masons pregnancy. Considering this her physician suggested an induction between 37-38 week gestation. Ashton and Andrew were hesitant to an induction because they desired a natural labor but also wanted to safest option for their baby. They decided to do a compromise of a later induction a little latter at 38weeks and 3 days to try and get her body closer to her due date and a better induction success. 

Monday morning the day of her induction rolled around and I got a call at 6:45am from Ashton that she had started some contractions on her own. I was super excited! She was getting ready to leave for Sioux Falls and her body was starting to do labor on its own! This induction was going to go so smooth because her body was ready. I started getting ready to head to Sioux Falls and Ashton and her husband Andrew were now on their way. 30 minutes later I get a text that says “we are going to Sioux Center” 

My mouth I think hit the floor! I said “like going to the Sioux center hospital” instead of Sioux Falls? Yup they sure were! Ashton had only made it 30 minutes down the road and her contractions really picked up and felt that she could handle another hour and 15 minutes to Sioux Falls. I jumped in the car and zoomed over to the Sioux Center hospital. 

Ashton and Andrew arrived to the hospital at 7:30am and I got there just a couple minutes later. The nurses got Ashton in a room and checked her cervix and she was already 7-8cm. Probably a good call to not drive all the way to Sioux Falls. Ashton was on her hands and knees breathing through contractions as Andrew provided counter pressure to her hips. I quickly set down my bag and never got a chance to set up any of my doula things. I provided Ashton with rebozo sifting on hands and knees between contractions and counter pressure during them. 

At 8:06 Ashton’s water broke naturally. Her body was so ready and progressing quickly. She decided to have the doctor check her after a couple contractions and she was 9.5cm dilated at 0818. Ashton was supposed to check into her induction at 9am. That would have been an uncomfortable 40 minute ride being nearly complete. We adjusted the head of the bed so that Ashton was still in hands and knees but with her head elevated to use gravity to our advantage and let the nurses place an IV. I helped Ashton focus on her breathing. Things were getting intense and staying in control can be so difficult. Ashton had me and Andrew there to help talk her down and remind her to focus and power through because her baby was going to be here soon. 

At 8:35 Ashton’s lip of cervix was still there. I suggested that she try a new position. I had her lay in her side with her feet apart with a peanut ball to change the position of the pelvis and hopefully make some space for her baby to move past that lip of cervix.  She continued to breath through contractions until she felt the urge to push. Andrew continued to rub her back while I held her hands helping her breath through contractions and keep her focus. Around 9am Ashton was feeling the urge to push so we did a couple practice pushes on her side when at 9:17am the doctor came in and said it was time to start really pushing. Ashton changed positions to hands and knees to start pushing. Once Ashton worked so hard to move her baby down to come earthside. We tried many different positions like hands and knees, side lying tug of war, squatting with the squat bar, and laying back with knees together. Pushing was intense! The physician was worried that Mason was too big to fit through Ashton’s pelvis. The nurses were prepared for mason to be stuck. Together Ashton and her physician decided to cut a small episiotomy to make more room for delivery. Two pushes after Mason was born! Mason was is a sunny side position making pushing more difficult but Ashton made it happen in only an hour and a half of pushing. 

Mason was placed on Ashton’s chest and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. Masons birth was one of redemption after the loss of masons brother at 16 weeks and a long difficult first labor. 

Mason Andrew Gabriel 

Named after his angel brother and his dad 

Born May 2, 2022 at 10:41am 

8lbs 2oz

21 inches

Ashton and Andrew thank you for welcoming me into your birth space and letting me walk with you through Masons pregnancy and birth. It was a wild ride to say the least.

Screen Shot 2022-05-04 at 5.51_edited.jpg

Navy Claire
April 28, 2022

“It’s a GIRL!”

Some of most excited words I have ever heard!


Katie texted me around 6:00 am on the morning of 4/28/22, at 40 weeks 3 days pregnant, that she was have pains in her back that were about lasting about a minute long each. I encouraged Katie that this was probably early labor and gave her some stretches to do. She went for a walk, and texted a few hours later that her back pains were more intense and coming every few minutes. First initially, when a doula hears “back pains” it can be a sign of a baby that is facing “sunny side up”. Katie talked to her mom during the previous few hours, and her mom had said that she only had back labor with Katie and her siblings! So after doing a few positions to encourage baby to turn in case the baby was “sunny side up” or OP, she decided to head in to the clinic to be checked.  I had a feeling that Katie was going to labor the same way her mom did, and not have any abdominal contractions.

Katie was checked in the clinic by the midwife at 11:20 am and was found to be 5cm dilated and 80% effaced, with the baby still high. I got up to Sioux Falls and met Katie and Kevin as they were being checked in to Labor and Delivery. She was doing a great job breathing through contractions as I set up the room with dim lights, got essential oils diffusing, and started the tub filling up. We went over Katies birth preferences with her nurse and the midwife on call. She got in the tub around 12:15, and continued breathing through contractions. Contractions began getting more intense and Katie was tired from lack of sleep the night before. We opted to do some positions in bed, so she could rest. These different positions allowed Kevin to be able to provide sacral counter pressure and Katie could sleep in between contractions. Again throughout the intensity of the contractions, she remained in control of her breathing. At 3:23pm, Katie opted for a cervical exam. She was found to be 7cm, with a bulging bag of water and 100% thinned out. The baby’s head had also come down. We continued to do different positions based on the position of the baby. Kevin continued to counter pressure and I did leg and foot massage for Katie. We just continued to take one contraction at a time and allowed labor to naturally progress. At 4:39pm, there was a “pop” and Kevin and I both jumped as Katies water broke onto the bed. At this time Katie began to feel larger amount of pressure with an urge to push. 4:45pm the midwife was at the bedside and observed Katie. She stood back and allowed Katie to bear down and do what her body was telling her. Still at this point, Katie took each contraction as a wave. She stayed calm and focused on low noises and breathing her baby out. 5:03pm Katie was checked and was 10cm dilated and baby was +3 station. Which means the baby was right there ready to be born! At this point, Katie took each contraction at a time and focused on allowing the baby to stretch everything. I have never ever witnessed someone allow the baby’s head to be breathed through with each contraction without an epidural! She was so powerful!


At 6:00pm, With no tearing and not a single abdominal contraction the entire labor, Navy Claire was born!  Navy was placed on Katies chest, and Kevin exclaimed with extreme joy…. “It’s a GIRL!” It was such a beautiful moment


Navy Claire

7lbs 7oz

20.5 in


After Katies placenta delivered it was found that, a piece of the placenta had torn off. The midwife called for the OB on call to come in to help. They did a manual removal of the placenta, which can be very painful. But Katie fought through all of it without any pain meds!


To sum up Navy’s birth, the main thing I can think to say is that…Women are Powerful! Katie put in HOURS of prep work in practicing her breathing techniques and visualization of how she wanted her birth. She amazed all the nurses in how in control and strong she was throughout labor! I was so proud of Katie and Kevin in how hard they both worked to bring sweet Navy in to the world! They were an awesome team. Getting to be a part of Navy’s birth story, and get to know this sweet couple, was such a blessing for me! It is such a joy to be a doula!


Kendrick Robert
April 22, 2022

It was such an honor to walk with Madison and Zach throughout their pregnancy with Kendrick. Around 20 weeks Madison found out that Kendrick had a 2 vessel cord and would need some extra monitoring throughout pregnancy. Her goal was still to have an as natural as possible labor. Our biggest concern with a 2 vessel cord was that baby would be small due to less blood flow. Madison’s doctors continued to monitor Kendrick’s growth and being too small was definitely not a problem. At 39 weeks Madison’s doctor wanted to induce her for a large baby and because of the two vessel cord. Madison, Zach, and I met and talked many times to go through options pros and cons of induction and questions to ask her provider. Madison decided to go through with the induction at 39 weeks. She worked with a Webster certified chiropractor the day before her induction and continued to do her stretches that I had taught her to prepare her body for labor. 

Wednesday afternoon at 4pm Madison went in for her induction. She was 2cm dilated and 70% thinned out. A dose of cytotec was placed. After the cytotec we did a labor warm up and even got to walk outside and get some fresh air. Madison was contracting away with her one dose of cytotec so her doctor decided to not add any more interventions for the night and let her sleep. I headed home and we all tried to get a good nights rest.

At 7am I came back to the hospital and before I got there Madison called me that her contractions were getting more intense. We talked about her options and next steps depending on what her doctor offered and how dilated she was. Madison was 3cm dilated and decided to wait to add anymore intervention and give the tub a try. After an hour in the tub she also tried pumping, the side lying release, and flying cowgirl to get her stretched out and hopefully get baby to drop into the pelvis. Around 11am Madison was still 3 cm dilated and Madison decided she was okay with getting a foley bulb to help dilate her cervix. The foley bulb added a lot of pressure and Madison decided to get back into the tub. An hour and a half later her foley bulb came out in the tub and she continued relaxing in the tub. After her foley bulb came out Madison felt that her contractions had started to space out so she decided she was okay with starting some pitocin to increase the frequency and strength of her contractions. She decided to get out of the tub and try some more positions to help baby drop and put pressure on her cervix. 

At 3pm Madison was 6cm and 80% effaced. She did lots of walking and more of my crazy position suggestions. At 7pm Madison was 7cm 90% effaced and baby had dropped lower in the pelvis. Her doctor suggested breaking her water and Madison agreed. After breaking her water Madison got back in the tub and her contractions got much stronger. She breathed so calmly through contractions. I could barely believe how composed and controlled she was. She made my job look easy! She was doing amazing. At 9:30pm Madison asked to be checked because she was getting tired from her intense contractions and we debating if she wanted an epidural. She was still 7cm dilated but baby had dropped even lower. Madison decided to get the epidural. At 10:40 her epidural was in so we turned down the lights and tired to rest. 

At 11:20 her nurse came in to check in on us and Madison was able to tell her she felt like she couldn’t swallow. The nurse called out my name to help and the nurse quickly called a rapid response. Madison’s epidural had gone not only down but also up and had numbed her upper body and was having trouble taking deep breaths and her ability to swallow. We helped turn Madison to her side to give baby more blood flow and the nurses got to work stopping her epidural calling in the anesthesiologist and doctor. Zach and I held Madison in her side and reminded her to keep taking deep breaths as we waited for the epidural to wear off. All I could do is this very intense and scare moment was pray. Thankfully after about 30 minutes her epidural was wearing off and she was getting her feeling back. The color returned to her face and she looked like herself again. We all took very big sighs of relief. Somehow Kendrick was a champ through that crazy episode and was barely phased. We all tried to take a rest again after the craziness.

Around 2am Madison’s epidural had practically fully worn off and she was feeling a lot of pressure. The Doctor was called and she was completely dilated and ready to push. I got to have Madison try pushing in my new favorite pushing position, side lying tug of war. She pushed on both sides with tug of war then some hands and knees and finished pushing and delivered in a squatting tug of war position. 

Kendrick Robert entered the world on Friday April 22 at 4:05am. He was 8lbs 3oz of pure sweetness. 

Madison powered through a long induction with many unexpected twisted and turns. I admire your strength to push through an eventful 36 hour long labor. Thank you for letting me be a part of your pregnancy and birth story. It was such a blessing to be welcomed into your birth space and witness Kendrick’s delivery. 


Phillip Elder
April 7, 2022

Faiths pregnancy was anything but simple but she took every twist and turn that came at her with grace. Her doctor suggested induction at 38 weeks & 3 days for her gestational diabetes, The morning was off to a slow but eventful start with many IV attempts and monitoring before the induction even got started. At 9am she got her first dose of cytotec and she was 1cm dilated. She wasn’t feeling much for contractions so I gave her some position and stretching ideas to do before I got there. Around 12:30pm I came into the hospital because Faith was starting to have more regular contractions. I set up the room, started the diffuser, strung the lights, started the music and set the vibe. We used a lot of different positions to try and loosen ligaments and help baby drop into the pelvis. Faith used positions like deep squats in the peanut ball, abdominal lift and tucks, flying cowgirl, walking, forward leaning inversion, and hands and knees.


At 3:30 faith was 2-3cm and still baby was high in the pelvis. The decision was made to start Pitocin. Faith bounced on the birth ball, squatted on hands and knees in the bed while eating ices and listening the 90's music. At 5:45 Faith was 3cm dilated. Little Lip definitely needed some coaxing to come out, so Faith decided to have her water broken. After her water broke contractions became much stronger. We utilized some standing and other out of bed positions before her epidural. At 7pm Faith got her epidural after 7, yes 7 attempts. Thankfully that 7th attempted worked and Faith got some relief. We all took a big of a rest after that. Every half hour or so I would help Faith switch up her side lying positions to help make more room for little Lip to descend. We used much more than flipping side to side with the peanut ball. Using different side lying positions continues to move the pelvis and stretch ligaments.  At 9:30pm Faiths cervix was 4cm and baby was still fairly high in the pelvis. It was clear her body just wasn’t ready for labor a took some time to get baby down in the pelvis. We continued with positions changes and Faith was able to take a nap doing flying cowgirl and hands and knees. Around midnight Faith was in hands and knees and told us she was starting to feel pressure.  

The nurse asked to check her and she was 8cm! She sat up in high throne and the pressure increased. At 12:45am Faith felt the need to push with her contraction. She was starting to feel it all. Her epidural started not working as well because Phillip finally decided he was ready and descend, she was feeling that pressure. At 12:57am Faith was 9.5cm dilated and breathing so well through her very intense contractions. She labored down on her side breathing away her last bit of cervix. About 15 minutes later Faith was complete and pushing.


After 3 strong pushes Faith delivered baby Phillip into the world! Initially Philip was placed on Faiths chest but then was brought to the warmer to be evaluated by the nurses after about a minute of life. Phillip had made a very rapid decent and entrance into the world and was taking some extra time to adjust. He required so positive pressure ventilation and then some supplemental oxygen. The decision was made that Phillip should go to a facility with a NICU team to be sure he would turn around. As hard as the situation was not being able to be with Phillip initially Faith was able to be discharged and see him that evening in the NICU and hold her baby boy. He was discharged the next day and is doing amazing now. 


Phillip Elder 

Born April 7, 2022 at 1:24am

7lbs 8lbs

Thank you Faith for letting me a part of you and Phillips birth story. 


Elsie Christine
February 24, 2022

Malea called me Tuesday night at 7pm that her water had broke. She wasn't having regular contractions yet so I told her to rest, relax, take a bath, a nap and do some stretches and see how the evening went. I was at work when Malea called so I gave Ashtyn a call to see if she would be able to come in and work for me if needed. After a couple hours I decided to head to Worthington to help Malea through contractions. At 3am Wednesday morning Malea was having mild contractions every 3-4 minutes. We did a lot of stretches and positions to try and relax her pelvic floor. We also tried using her breast pump to stimulate contractions. At 7am we decided to head to the hospital because her water had now been broken for 12 hours. When we got to the hospital the nurse checked Malea and she was 6 cm dilated and the baby was VERY low. We were all pumped! Melea’s contractions were slowly increasing in intensity so we continued with positions to help with pain and to progress her labor. We did a lot of hand and knees positions, used the tub, Malea really enjoyed using the birth ball, she also did positions standing like hip sways and abdominal lift and tucks. Around 12:30pm Malea’s contractions were intensifying and she needed to breathe through her contractions more. She asked if her midwife would stop by to check her cervix. The midwife checked and called Malea 4 cm dilated. It was pretty disappointing to hear that she was actually 4 cm not 6. But what is a gal to do but keep going. We decided to try and rest and I had Malea lay in bed with closed knees to help open the pelvic outlet. Malea was able to rest for a little while and we decided to try the tub again. In the tub Malea worked hard through her increasing contractions. At 4:30pm Malea asked to be checked again and she was 5 cm dilated. I along with her midwife and nurse encouraged her that she was doing so well and so in control during her contractions but Malea was feeling tired and was starting to think about getting an epidural. She decided that she would give it another half hour, see how much she progressed, then decide if she needed the epidural. So this doula decided it was go time. I put Malea into hands and knees on the bed with closed knees. This position within a couple minutes picked up Malea’s contractions from every 5 minutes to every 2-3 and they got much more intense. I did a double hip squeeze with each contraction to help open the pelvic outlet and I may have used all my might, and it may have left a bruise or two to prove it (sorry Malea). Both the midwife and I noticed the change that happened in the last half hour and we were excited to see how well she was doing. At 5pm Malea was ready to check her progress and if she wanted an epidural. Malea was 6 cm 100% thinned out and the baby was even lower in the pelvis. Malea made the decision that she was ready for the epidural. She was doing amazing but it had been a long day and was ready for a rest before pushing. They started getting things ready for the epidural and I asked Malea to try some standing positions until the epidural to use gravity to our advantage. It was so awesome to watch Malea listen to her body, she squatted with closed knees as a natural position that felt most comfortable to her. At 5:45 pm the anesthesiologist arrived and the midwife asked to check her one more time and she was 7 cm dilated. The epidural was in and running at 6:15 pm, which is also when Malea told us she was getting light headed. Malea’s blood pressure dropped from the epidural and she was nearly ready to pass out. The nurses and anesthesiologist gave Malea some fluids and medication to get her blood pressure back up and thankfully it worked within a couple of minutes. Malea’s pain was practically gone and she barely felt contractions and she was tired from labor and her blood pressure drop. We decided to try and nap and rest. Both Malea and Evan were able to take a nap on and off for a couple hours. At 7: 45 Malea’s midwife woke her up to ask if they could start some Pitocin and antibiotics. Malea’s contractions had really spaced out after the epidural and we wanted them to pick up again. Malea’s water had now been broken for 24 hours and the midwife wanted to try and prevent any uterine infection. As the nurses increased the Pitocin I helped Malea into different side-lying positions while she rested between changes. At 11pm Malea was checked again; she was 8 cm. We decided to try some new positions. I had Malea do a supported squat in bed to use gravity to help bring the baby down. Moving to this position helped Malea start feeling more pelvic pressure with the epidural. She was starting to have to breathe through contractions more which we were excited about because that meant things were starting to pick up again. I then had Malea do a squatting hand and knees in the bed with the head of the bed all the way up and Malea’s head and arms over the top of the bed. Malea's pelvic pressure increased in this position and she felt like she may need to push. The midwife checked at 12:07am  and Malea was 9.5 cm dilated! We moved Malea to a side-lying position to give her knees a break and at 12:26am Malea made what we birth nerds call the “birth roar” the midwife and I both knew she didn't need to check if Malea was complete that noise told us she was so Malea started to pushing. Malea pushing like a champ side-lying moving her baby down with each push. She then tried pushing on hands and knees and we started seeing Elsie’s hair peak out during pushes! At 1:31am Malea delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl.


Elsie Christine 

 born February 24th at 1:31am

7lbs 10oz

21inches long 


Elsies story was long, tiring, emotional, and beautiful. Malea persevered through her 36 hour long labor like a champ and didn't give up. She pushed through to the end to meet her baby earth side. 


Alice May 
February 3, 2022

Alice’s birth story was a whirlwind! Around 8 weeks Amanda had been advised for a c section because of a previous shoulder dystocia with her second baby that weighed 8lbs 10oz. She trusted her instincts and got a second opinion on a vaginal delivery. Another provider felt comfortable letting her deliver at a local hospital until she was 38 weeks, and then advised a c section. Amanda had her previous deliveries at 36 weeks and 37 weeks, so she figured she would deliver before the 38 week mark anyways. At 35 weeks Amanda had an ultrasound to check growth and baby was found to be breech. Again a c section was encouraged, but Amanda decided she wanted to try a External Cephalic Version (ECV). A few days later Alice had flipped head down on her own! At 37 weeks Amanda had not delivered yet, so rural hospital did not feel comfortable to have her deliver there. So Amanda and Jared made the decision to switch to a higher level hospital that deliveries high risk OB patients and also had a NICU available if needed. At Amanda’s 37 week appt baby at the higher level hospital Alice was found to be breech again! Amanda was set up to do a ECV that day. The ECV went flawlessly and Alice flipped head down right away. Amanda also had a cervical check at at appt and was 4cm dilated. She had contractions off and on for the next week. During that week and throughout pregnancy I had encouraged Amanda to see a Webster certified chiropractor, to keep encouraging baby to stay head down as well as taking away pregnancy aches and pains! At 38 weeks she had another appt with the specialists and was 5cm dilated. The specialist stripped her membranes again and that caused Amanda to start having contractions. She went to her grandmas house for awhile to see if contractions continued, before heading home as the high level hospital is 1.5 hours away. The contractions continued and became more intense, so Amanda headed in to triage to be monitored. Her husband and I rode up together so they didn’t have an extra vehicle 1.5 hours away. At 8:15pm Amanda was 6cm and moved to the labor and delivery unit where Jered and I met her in her room. I strung lights, turned the lights down and started diffusing oils so that when she came to her room it was calm and relaxing. We did the birth warm up which consists of multiple different positions on the birth ball and side lying release, as well as lots of walking as that really helped Amanda continue contractions professing.

At 11:30pm Amanda and the on call OB decided to start Pitocin as still 6cm dilated. Everyone decided to try rest as she was tolerating contractions well. Amanda slept with the peanut ball in a flying cowgirl position to get baby engaged. Around 2am Amanda was unable to sleep through contractions anymore and decided to get in the tub. The tub took away the intense-ness of the contractions. I put my galaxy lights in the bathroom and my speaker that played Amanda’s playlist to keep a calm environment. We focused on breathing low and slow through out contractions and breathing baby down through the pelvis. This really helped Amanda relax. 
At 5:01 am Amanda was 8cm with a bulging bag of water. 6:00 Amanda was 9 cm with feeling the urge to push as her water was still intact. We were told the Dr. was in the OR and was unable to come to break her water. Amanda continued to breathe through contractions on her hands and knees while we waited for the doctor. At 8:10 am the specialist doctor came in and when he went to check Amanda, broke her bag of water. She was complete at 8:15 am and the doctor was called back for delivery. Amanda did a few practice pushes and the doctor felt she would be pushing for awhile, and decided to go to another room. The only ones left in the room were the nurse, a tech, me and Jared.

2 minutes after the doctor left the room Amanda yelled “She’s COMING!” Amanda did not have any pain medications or epidural, so fetal ejection reflex happened! The head was immediately out caught by the tech and the nurse was on the phone calling for help. Seconds later the body followed and was caught by me! The tech and I placed Alice on Amanda chest as the nurse grabbed a blanket and hat for baby. Amanda repeated over and over “I did it, I did it, I did it!!” The doctor came back after approximately 5 minutes to deliver the placenta.  He comes in the room laughing and says “I guess there wasn’t any shoulder dystocia!”

Alice Mae
7lbs 15oz
Amanda’s story was a whirlwind of opinions and recommendations, but she ultimately trusted her maternal instinct. I am so proud of Amanda for being so strong! I will forever be thankful to be a part of Alice’s birth!


Tessa Ruth 
February 2, 2022

NWIBN baby #1 in a 24 hour period!
Tessa’s birth story started around 7 am on February 2, 2022. Sterling awaited patiently for sweet Tessa to make her arrival, but at 40 weeks and 1 day, Sterling decided to opt for a “whiff” of Pitocin to help her natural labor kick .
Pitocin was started at 9:10am and Sterling discussed with the doctor that she wanted to be very conservative with the amount and how fast they went up on the Pitocin dosing, and the doctor was in agreement. The plan was to go use it more as a tool to help push her in to more regular contraction pattern as Sterling had been having irregular contractions off and on for the last 2 weeks.
Tyler and Sterling also did not know the gender of the baby, they decided that Tyler would announce the gender when the baby was born. I love having dads be able to be the first ones to tell mom what baby is!
After I arrived at the hospital we went through a birth warm up that involves multiple different positioning to aide in getting baby’s head properly aligned such as side lying release, birthball exercises, hands knees as well as making sure your pelvic fascia are loose and ready to accommodate the head as well. We completed the birth circuit and walked the halls to help continue to keep baby in the correct place. It was decided it was time to rest while we could since contractions were not extremely intense yet, she had a cervical exam at 12:00 and was found to be 5cm. Baby was still fairly high in Sterlings pelvis, so we decided to rest in “flying cowgirl” on the left side. After 20 minutes she went to her right side, and then we began to notice that contractions were getting more difficult to rest through. Sterling got up and swayed while resting in Tyler’s arms as the tub was filling up.
Sterling labored hands and knees in the tub with Tyler holding her hands, and me providing counter pressure from behind. As doulas, we are willing to climb behind you in the tub as long as you are comfortable! 
The room was set calm with galaxy lights and soft playing music to facilitate the ability to reduce outside typical hospital noise. Sterling was calm and controlled her breathing through each contraction and completely relaxed her body in between. At 2:20 pm she began to feel the urge to push. Sterling went back to the bed and stood and “slow danced” with Tyler while waiting for the doctor. Upon arrival of the doctor Sterling was on hands and knees and found to be complete and ready push.
She started pushing at 2:28pm and after 5 minutes baby was guided on to the bed, and Tyler announced “Babe, we have a little girl!”
Tessa Ruth
7lbs 5oz
2/2/22 and 2:33pm
Tyler and Sterling, I am so blessed to have been a part of this journey with you! Tessa Ruth is so special and will be extremely well loved by her big brothers! I had such a fun time getting to know both of you and discuss all things farm. 

Blakely Elaine
January 24, 2022


Blakeley’s birth was a wild, powerful, beautiful and intense process. 


This past Tuesday we found out that Madison’s current hospital that she planned to deliver at wouldn’t allow a second support person in the room. After a lot of frustration, stress, phone calls, and begging it was confirmed the next day that the policy stood and I wouldn’t be let in. I thought that was the end of the road for me being physically present at Madison’s birth, but she was having none of that! That day, the day before her due date she decided to switch delivering hospitals so that I could be there! After getting paperwork’s set up at her new hospital we got the message that her old hospital changed their mind! They were now doing to let me in along with Madison’s husband to her original hospital. Already this birth was off to a very crazy start. 

On Sunday night January 22, 3 days after her due date, Madison’s labor started. I had given her some ideas of how to get labor started naturally, and they worked! After two 15 minute pumping sessions Madison’s contractions were every 2-3 minutes for an hour and a half and growing in intensity. So at 11:15pm we decided to pack up and head to the hospital. We had both arrived to the hospital by 12:45am. Madison’s contractions were strong and close together and coupling. She had such controlled relaxed breathing through each wave. The nurse on the unit asked to check her and found Madison’s cervix to be 5-6 cm dilated and very soft and stretchy! When contractions are coupling which means you have 2 right on top of eachother and then a break and then again two on top of eachother and then a break this can be a sign of an OP or sunny side up baby. Madison was having a lot of back labor and her contractions were coupling so I was pretty convinced this baby was in the OP position. In the bed we did a forward leaning inversion with a booty shake to try and turn the back of the baby’s head to the front of her pelvis. After this we did some standing slow dancing with sacral pressure. At this point we had gotten the tub all filled up and ready so she moved to the tub, it was about 1:15am at this point. In the tub Madison was on her knees with her arms over the peanut ball to lay and relax on. Brady her husband sat in front of her holding her through every contraction while I sat behind her pouring water over her back and giving sacral pressure. Madison continued to breath so calmly through contractions in the tub and her and I both repeated encouraging words, “I can do this, my body was made to do this, I have made it so far, my body is so capable and strong.” Madison’s contractions continued to intensify in the tub. 45 minutes into being the the tub Madison’s had made it through transition in labor and was having a lot of intense pressure. Madison stayed in the tub to help with the pressure and help stretch her bottom until she needed to push. When Madison felt the need to push she stood up and stepped out of the tub and squatted right there on the bathroom floor and started pushing! Her body knew it wanted to push standing and was ready to push right then and there. After about 3 strong pushes Madison delivered Blakeley at 2:21am. Delivered by the nurses, without a doctor, standing on the bathroom floor holding on to Brady. 

After she was born Madison held her baby girl and said “I did it” over and over again. There was so much emotion in the space at that moment, so much love and power. 

Her doctor made it in about 5 minutes after Blakeley  was born and he delivered her placenta. After that Blakeley was a breastfeeding champ. 


Blakeley Elaine was 8lbs 4ozs of chunky rolls and sweet dimples born January 24, 2022 at 2:21am


Shepherd Perry
January 3, 2022

The only way to describe Shepherd’s “Shep” birth is, a little slice of Heaven on earth.

Anna and Seth have a beautiful story of how God led them to having the New Years baby! They hired me just 8 days prior to her scheduled induction, and I am SO grateful they did!


At 7:41 on January 3rd, Shep was delivered by Seth with assistance of the doctor. The song “The Good Shepherd” resounded in the background as Seth announced “it’s a BOY!” It was a perfect moment where God was abundantly present!


“Oh, Good Shepherd

I follow where You lead

Your steps have tested the strength of the ground before me

Oh, Good Shepherd

You're faithful to take the lead

The way may be long, may be wild, but I know You're with me”


Seth and Anna, I have no words to thank you for allowing me into your sacred birth space. I will forever be blessed!


Leora Rose
September 15, 2021

Kaleigh called around midnight on September 15, right at 41 weeks and 0 days pregnant that her contractions had started around 9:30 pm the night before. They were off and on but starting to get stronger and more regular. She was going to take a bath and try rest and see if they continued. 
Kaleigh called again at 1:30 am that her contractions were getting much more painful and were consistently 3-4 minutes apart, her and her husband Brett were ready to head to the hospital. 
We arrived at the hospital at 2:45 am. Side note: I had to wait awhile because Brett had some truck issues… you will have to ask Kaliegh how she felt about that... The nurse checked Kaleigh and she was 4cms dilated and contractions about every 4-5 minutes. She was so tired, so decided to rest in bed for some contractions. As contractions picked up Kaleigh wanted to go to the tub. She did most of her laboring in the tub as it was the most comforting for her. Brett squeezed Kaliegh’s hands during each contraction as I rubbed her back. Around 6:30 am Kaleigh said she started to feel “pushy” and was found to be 8cms with a bulging bag. Around 7 am the doctor came and was 9cms and broke Kaleigh’s water. She was complete at 7:22 and with 3 strong pushes, Leora Rose was earth side at 7:33! 
After delivery is was obvious that Kaleigh was have more bleeding then normal. The nurses and doctor worked to stop the bleeding, but ultimately the decision was made to take Kaleigh to the OR and put her to sleep to take a better look at things and to find the source of her bleeding. 
Kaleigh was so strong and powerful through delivery and a scary post delivery! I am SO blessed to be able to support Brett and Kaleigh throughout pregnancy and through labor!


Kade Lee
September 3, 2021

Kade mans story was quite something to say the least. 
Kade’s mama Kala was diagnosed with preeclampsia at 32 weeks and due to this needed to be induced at 37 weeks. Kala was induced on Monday Aug. 30 at night and started with a cervidil induction. On Tuesday not much was happening so the doctor throughout the day administered multiple doses of cytotec in hopes to get her body ready for labor. Tuesday evening the decision was made to start Pitocin because still not much was happening. Her body was not sure about this whole labor thing so early. 
At 5:30am Wednesday Kala was feeling more pain from her pitocin but still her body was responding the way we want to pitocin and not dilating or contracting regularly. At this point she was maxed out on pitocin and we were all very tired so the decision was made to turn off the pitocin and rest. 
At 8am the doctor came in and placed a foley bulb to help Kala dilate. At 10:30am it fell out and Kala was 3cm dilated. To hopefully help start some contractions pitocin was started again but after a couple hours it still wasn’t really doing much like the first time and we decided we needed to try something else to keep progressing her labor. At 2:50pm the doc came in and broke Kala’s water. After breaking her water Kala’s body finally started to kick in and go into a labor pattern.
The tub was her best friend to cope through her intensifying contractions as well as lots of position changes and movement. At 6:30pm Kala was 7cm dilated and decided to get an epidural. After getting her epidural we kept doing different positions in bed to keep progressing her labor. After lots of position changes and a little bit of rest at 3am on Thursday morning Kala was 9.5cm dilated! We decided to have her labor down and sleep since she had an epidural and was tired from her long labor and needed energy to eventually push. 
At 8am Thursday morning Kalas doctor came in to check her and she was complete. At 8:30 we started pushing. Kala pushed with her epidural in side lying positing, hands and knees, sitting squat, and tug of war. 
At 12:20pm Thursday September 2 Kade Lee made his entrance.
To be honest this story only barely scratches the surface of Kala and Kade’s birth story. It was along tiring labor but it was so rewarding. I can’t sing the praises of Kala’s strength through her labor and the patience that her provider gave so that she could have a vaginal delivery.  Thank you Kala and Kyle for inviting me into your birth space and allowing me to support you through your birth experience 


Calum James
August 26, 2021

Mr. Cal man’s birth story started on Wed. night Aug. 25 when Kelsey came in for an OB eval that turned into an induction. She came in already 4cm dilated! An amazing start for a first time mom. Together with her birth team we decided to use pitocin to induce labor. I hung out for a couple hours doing a labor warm up with Kelsey before heading out at 9pm so we could all rest.
I came back in at 3am after Kelsey woke up from a nap and felt she wasnt able to rest anymore. We got in the tub to see if the water would help ease some pain and allow for some more time to rest. At 4:15am she was 6cm dilated and as relaxed as can be through her contractions. We kept moving around stretching and using different positions to get baby into an optimal position in the pelvis. The nurses continued to increase her pitocin but it didn’t phase her! Kelsey progressed through her labor as calm as can be not  phased by her contractions. 
At 1:19pm Kelsey was 8cm dilated and we decided to have her water broken. After Kelsey’s water broke things started getting intense, fast! She got back in the tub to help ease the contractions. She breathed through them and asked for an epidural. The nurse started preparing for the epidural and noticed how intense her contractions became so they checked to see if she was more dilated. Kelsey was a 9.5 cm dilated only an hour after her water was broke. She didn’t need an epidural her body was doing so well and took over labor so we turned off her pitocin infusion and got ready to push. 
Kelsey continued to breath through contractions listening to what her body told her to do and what positions to be in. At 3:30pm she was complete and started pushing. She pushed on her hand & knees, side lying, and delivered in a squatting tug of war position. 
Kelsey delivered a 7lbs 12oz beautiful boy at 5:07pm 
I’ve never seen someone rock a pitocin induction like Kelsey! She did so amazing through her induction and labor on pitocin, without an epidural, and without tearing 
Kelsey, Taylor, & Calum it was my honor to be a part of your birth story. Thank you for letting me be a part of it and be involved in bringing a new life into the world 


Amelia Jo
August 7, 2021

Emilia’s birth story was a long but beautiful process!
Katie went in for an induction on the night of August 5th. Her contractions started to pick up and become more intense through our the day Friday. I arrived to the hospital to support Katie and her husband around 4pm Friday afternoon. 
Katie felt her contractions were more regular when she was walking around. We did multiple laps around the hospital. Around 6pm Katie’s contractions were not growing much stronger, and after Katie discussing with her medical team, it was decided to break her water. After Katie’s water was ruptured, contractions became much more intense. Katie got in the tub and breathed calmly through intense contractions. Throughout the whole labor process, we kept a calm peaceful atmosphere with dim lights and soft music playing. Soon the tub became too warm and Katie decided she felt best laboring on a birth ball in a forward leaning position. I walked Trent through how to provide sacral pressure so he was able to sit behind her and provide support.
Around 10:30pm Katie decided she ready to get an epidural and rest for a bit as contractions were too intense to sleep through. After Katie was comfortable with the epidural, we decided it would be best if we all tried to sleep for awhile.
I arrived back at the hospital around 4:30 in the morning Saturday, August 7th. When I got there Katie only had a rim of her cervix left and was getting more uncomfortable. She was able to still move with her epidural, so we were able to adjust to different positions. After she was complete, Katie labored down until she felt the urge to push. 
At 5:45 She started pushing in the hands & knees position on the bed. We continued to change pushing positions based off what Katie felt like her body needed to do. At 7:17, and 36 hours of labor, Emilia Jo was born in a tug of war position with a sheet wrapped around the squat bar.
The greatest moment was when Trent announced “It’s a GIRL”
Katie you showed immense strength and power throughout labor and birth. You pushed through complete exhaustion to bring your baby into this world. I will forever be grateful to be a part of your birth! 


Boaz Herman
July 30, 2021

My first home birth, baby Boaz Herman
A purely magical experience to have been a part of Boaz’s home birth. An experience so focused on loving on his mama and supporting her bringing him into this world! 
I got to Elianna’s house at 11am Friday morning July 30 because she had been having contractions all morning that were growing in frequency and intensity. When I got there she was contracting every 3 minutes and having to breath through some of them. Within an hour of being there I could see things were picking up and she was working harder to breath through her contractions so we had her midwife come at 1pm to check on how Elianna and baby were doing. Both were doing well so she went back to the clinic and I suggested we try the tub as things we’re getting more intense. 
Elianna got in the tub at 2pm and her contractions only continued to intensify. She laid back in the tub and swayed her hips in the water through contractions. At 4:30 we decided it was time to try something else to keep that pelvis moving. We stood through a handful of contractions with me giving sacral pressure and Elianna doing an abdominal lift and tuck through contractions. After standing for a while she wanted to try something laying down so that she could relax better through contractions. 
We moved to the bed to do side lying with the peanut ball. She was surrounded by support doing this. Her husband at her head holding her hand, a nurse rubbing her feet, her doula rubbing her back, and her midwife giving sacral pressure. There was so much support for this hard working laboring mama. 
After a little rest in bed we went back to the tub around 6pm. She went into hands and knees in the tub and rocked through her contractions like a champ. The contractions and pressure was intense! 
Another hour in the tub and she felt the urge to push! We moved from the tub to the bed. Her midwife checked her (for the first time I might add) and she was complete at 7:23pm. 
After only 28 minutes of a combo of hands and knees and side lying pushing Boaz was born! 
July 30, 2021 at 9:51pm Boaz became my first home birth baby


Judah Loyd
July 29, 2021

Baby Judah what an absolute honor it was to be a part of your sweet birth. Your mom did amazing pushing you out with an unplanned natural birth! 
Jamie was induced on Wednesday night at 9pm. She was contracting every 8-10 minutes on her own but not really feeling them. Her doctor came in that evening and she was dilated to a fingertip and he place one dose of cytotec. I checked in with Jamie and Cole that night and then went to bed so that we could all sleep for a big day Thursday. 
Fast forward to only a couple hours later I got a text at 2:15am Jamie was 2cm dilated and was feeling her contractions more. At 3am they called me in because the contraction were every 2 minutes and very intense! I got to the hospital at 3:40am and Jamie was clearly in active labor breathing through her contraction. She asked for an epidural and they nurses started preparing for placement. I encouraged her to try the tub while we wait for anesthesia because once she would have the epidural she would have to stay in the bed. She got in the tub at 4:06am in hand and knees and breathed like a champ through those contractions! 
4:30am (24 min. later) she told me she had a lot of pelvic pressure. The nurse checked her in the tub and she was 8cm dilated! The magical tub does it again! She stayed in the tub till 4:40 when she told me she felt like she needed to push. The nurse checked again and she was a rim (9.5cm dilated)
We got out of the tub and moved to the bed and breathed through a couple more very intense contractions. At 4:51 she was completely dilated. There wasn’t time for that epidural now. Judah was ready! At 4:58 her was was broke and she started pushing! She pushed side lying and totally rocked it! One of the strongest pushers I’ve every seen! 
Baby Judah Lloyd was born at July 29, 2021 5:29am
8lbs 1oz & 21.5in of cuteness 
Jamie & Cole thank you for letting me be a part of your pregnancy & birth journey. It was an incredible experience that I am so beyond grateful you let me be a part of.


Whitlee Jaymes
July 24, 2021

Whitlee Jaymes made her appearance at 4:30 am on July 24th! 
Kenli had contractions off and on all day on Friday. After working on a variety of positions at home with me, Kenli and Dalton decided it was time to go to the hospital. After being at the hospital for a few hours it was determined that Kenli was in early labor, and had some time to go to be in active labor. After some discussion with healthcare team, Kenli and Dalton decided to return home to try to sleep and get some rest. 
I received a text from Kenli awhile later saying that her contractions were getting more uncomfortable and frequent then they had previously been. We weighed out laboring at home for a while longer (and some different things she could try) versus heading to the hospital. Kenli and Dalton decided that they were more comfortable to head to the hospital. We all arrived to the hospital around 2:30 am on Saturday, and after laboring in the tub and a multitude of pushing positions, precious Whitlee Jaymes was born without an epidural!
This first doula birth was an intense, emotional, beautiful journey that ended in getting to support my sister and brother in law and meet my sweet niece.
Kenli, I am so proud of you! You showed strength in labor I never knew you possessed and you will be the most amazing mother! Thank you for choosing me to be your doula and support you throughout your pregnancy and birth. It will be an experience that I will forever be blessed to be a part of!


Landon Cole 
July 14, 2021

Landons birth story started July 13th at 5pm when Nicole’s contractions started. She contracted on an off through the night. She listened to her body and rested when it did and moved when she felt she needed to. I came over the next morning and she was contracting every 5 to 7 minutes. We stretched, bounced on the birth ball, did forward leaning inversions, walked up and down the stairs, and prayed for baby boys arrival. At 11:15 when we left for the hospital. We checked in at 11:45 and got hooked up to the monitors. Babe looked so good with a heart rate of 145 bpm. The doctor came in at noon and she was 7 cm dilated. We filled up the tub and she got it at 12:15. While in the tub contractions picked up to every 2 to 3 minutes and were getting intense! We turned up the praise music while Jordyn (husband) spoke words of strength to Nicole from the Bible. She was in the tub for an hour when at 1:15 she felt she needed to push. We moved to the bed and two beautiful deep breaths later Landon was born at 1:19 pm on July 14, 2021. 
It was a dream birth filled with the love and blessings of the Lord. 
Landon is was my honor and pleasure to witness your birth and support you mom through her pregnancy. I cant wait to watch you grow up little man